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25 Must Follow Pinterest Accounts For College Students

Social Media has become a vital part of everyday life and those students enrolled in college are no different. Here are our suggestions for 25 must-follow Pinterest Accounts that are always updating and pinning everything from spring break locations, college fashions, your football team stats and scholarships opportunities. 1. Smart College Visit Smart College Visit Pinterest Account Smart College Visit is especially helpful as it has great tips and tricks for planning a campus visit including budgeting for the trip and how to get the most out of the visit. They also you find open house dates and hotels that are close to campus. Some of their boards include: dorm decorating ideas, college bound advice, scholarship mom tips international travel and education and college parents. A pin to get you started 2. College Lifestyles College Lifestyles Pinterest Account College Lifestyles is the official Pinterest account for College Lifestyles Magazine. Its so great because it includes a little bit of everything having to do with college life from fashion to fun to fitness. Some of their boards include celeb looks for less, all about the shoes and beauty aids. A pin to get you started 3. POPSUGAR Fitness POPSUGAR Fitness Pinterest Account At POPSUGAR fitness their motto is Healthy happy you. Something that college students oftentimes struggle with is how to stay healthy and not pack on those ten extra pounds the first year of college. This account has some fantastic boards on easy ways to stay fit and healthy such as inspirational fitness quotes, smoothies and juice, healthy breakfast and all things running. A pin to get you started 4. CNET CNET Pinterest Account No student can make it through college without the latest technology at their fingertips. Whether you are a true techie or not, the boards on this account will help you know everything there is to know about gadgets and gizmos you cant live without. They pin all the tech that makes your life awesome. Just a few of their many techie boards include geeks only, geek DIY, exclusively android and headphones. A pin to get you started 5. UniSunn 144 College Football Boards UniSunn 144 College Football Boards Pinterest Account For lots of college students the experience of a college football game is quintessential. Major college football programs like USC, Notre Dame, Oregon, Alabama, Michigan and Ohio State pack thousands, some cases hundreds of thousands of people into their stadiums, not taking into account those left without a ticket. From the bands, to the tailgating and fight songs, college athletics are not only a brand for the University but also a massive part of campus life. UniSunn 144 College Football helps break down your Alma Mater or hometown team with their unique boards and pins. A pin to get you started. 6. GradGuard GradGuard Pinterest Account GradGuard is full of boards that offer financial advice including how to budget for college, how to prevent identity theft and gearing up for internships and jobs. Their mission is to protect your investment in higher education. Some of their boards include: college student health, paying for college, on a student budget and spring break. A pin to get you started 7. Evident News Evident News Pinterest Account Evident News has created an account that is certainly newsworthy. If you like to keep up with what all things news check out their boards: breaking news, current events, trending, and world news. They state they are the most simplistic creative news website in the world. A pin to get you started 8. Student Caring Student Caring Pinterest Account The Student Caring account creates boards and posts pins that will help college students make the most of their college education in all areas including faculty, parents, dorm life and administration. They really do care and want to help students by helping them to understand their strengths and challenges. A pin to get you started 9. MeetMyCollege MeetMyCollege Pinterest Account MeetMyCollege features boards on colleges all throughout the country and abroad. Their boards are broken down into geographical areas and include: winning west coast, marvelous mid-west campuses, sweet southern campuses, east coast charm, and majestic mountain colleges. This is a great one to follow if you are still deciding on which college to attend. They offer the ability to talk directly to your dream college. A pin to get you started 10. My Everything College My Everything College Pinterest Account My Everything College pinterest accounts offer tips for success in college. It is their goal to help college students achieve great financial, social and academic success. They features boards on college applications, college room design, jobs, sports, college infographics, mascots and more. A pin to start with 11. USA Today USA Today Education Pinterest Account USA is of course one of the top National newspapers in the country but they have expanded their efforts, branching out with social media. The USA Today Education board boasts fabulous ideas on scholarships, dorm organization, top reads, you name it. A pin to get you started 12. Something Greek Something Greek Pinterest Account If you are a college student looking for the Greek Life and not the Geek Life check out this account. All boards have to do with sorority and fraternity clothing and other fun items. Check them out: cheap sorority gifts diy, new Greek product ideas, awesome Greek designs, Greek accessories and gifts and fraternity and sorority inspiration. A pin to get you started 13. bncollege bN College Pinterest Account Normally when you see BN (Barnes Nobel) you automatically think books. This account is more than just book, however. It offers several boards for college students to follow including dorm dà ©cor, school and studying, grad gift ideas, life as an alumni and teas, coffees cafes. A pin to get you started 14. Campus Book Rentals Campus Book Rentals Pinterest Account Campus Book Rentals is another account that is more than just books. It offers boards on college humor, homework help and college do-it-yourself. You can follow their boards for fashion advice, book rentals and tons of other top-need college products. A pin to get you started 15. Flashnotes Flashnotes Pinterest Account Flashnotes is an online social community that helps college students access college notes, study guides and flashcards. There are some pretty cool boards to check out including: summer bucket list, keep calm and study on, college 101, life after college, nerdy humor and fund your college experience. A pin to get you started 16. The Gracious Pantry The Gracious Pantry Pinterest Account The Gracious Pantry is run by Tiffany McCauley is a cookbook author, food blogger and full time mom, who creates clean eating recipes for everyday living for all kinds of people, including college students living in a dorm room. She has some great boards on eating clean: clean eating grocery lists, clean eating game day, clean eating coffee drinks and clean eating for back to school. A pin to get you started 17. American Made Dorm Home American Made Dorm Home Pinterest Account The American Made Dorm Home account has boards for all your dorm room needs. Look for fun, creative and easy ways to decorate, furnish and organize your dorm room. Boards include: dorm room makeover, dorm bedding made in America, pink and gray dorm, classic oxford boys dorm and dorm room organization. A pin to get you started 18. College Tourist College Tourist Pinterest Accounts College Tourist is a blogging community for students all over the world. This account caters to every college student whether they are going to their local community college or studying abroad half-way around the world. If you are a traveling college student be sure to check out: college tourist road trip, places to visit before you die and travel accessories. A pin to get you started 19. Study in the USA Study in the USA Pinterest Account Study in the USA helps to connect and attract students from other countries to go to college in the United States. Even if you are from the United States looking to go to school here, youll like some of their boards: east coast schools and universities, student cooking, university tips, campus life and books worth reading. A pin to get you started 20. Casey the College Celiac Casey the College Celiac Casey the College Celiac Caseys account gives great tips and ideas for surviving college with celiac disease and trying to maintain a gluten-free life. Her boards include: gluten free dinner ideas, gluten food dessert recipes, celiac humor and gluten free and celiac blogging. A pin to get you started 21. Scholarship Experts Scholarship Experts Scholarship Experts pinterest boards is an award-winning free matching service helps students and parents find scholarships for college and grad school. While most of their boards such as financial aid help, college planning, and college admissions are pretty serious, they also have fun boards like college quotes, college zombies, just for fun and college fashionista. A pin to get you started 22. Safety Technology Safety Technology Safety Technology is a company that distributes self defense products and are serious about safety. Their boards include: self defense weaponry, personal safety tips, martial arts, defensive moves for safety, how to use a stun gun and carjacking prevention. They also have less serious boards such as: social media trends, do it yourself and yummy food. A pin to get you started 23. College Fashion College Fashion Pinterest Accounts College Fashion is an online magazine is written by college students for college students who wants to skip the sweats and sweatshirts and go to college in style! Their boards are all about fashion and include: fashion inspiration, stylish school supplies, for your next party and nailspiration. A pin to get you started 24. Saving for College LLC Saving for College Pinterest Account Saving for College inspires followers to find effective ways to save for college. Their boards include: teaching kids about money, personal finance, for grandparents, saving for college resources and saving for college recommended reading. A pin to get you started 25. Fearless Parent Fearless Parent Pinterest Account Fearless Parent is based on the best selling author Harry H Harrison, Jr. gives great insight on raising kids to succeed in the adult world. His boards include: fearless dads, fearless teens, fearless college students, education, parenting books, philosophy and wisdom A pin to get you started

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How Does Substance Abuse in Utero Affect a Child - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1601 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2019/08/16 Category Health Essay Level High school Tags: Substance Abuse Essay Did you like this example?   You know that we are lost when babies are addicted to drugs when they are born- Louis Eric Barrier. Every 25 minutes, in the United States, a baby is born experiencing   a dependence on some type of drug. Drinking, smoking, and recreational drug use during pregnancy has become a worldwide epidemic, harming or killing untold numbers of developing babies. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "How Does Substance Abuse in Utero Affect a Child" essay for you Create order Those that survive birth will continue to suffer a list of negative effects . This is a serious problem in our country as rates of addiction are increasing, drugs are on the rise, and tax payers are spending billions of dollars a year just for the addicted   newborns extended hospital stays.   Of all   these unpleasant facts, worse is the price that these infants   must pay throughout their lives, facing behavioral, social, or academic problems in childhood and mental health issues as adults. Women in their child bearing years need to be informed and make careful choices for their unborn children. According to Lauren Villa, writer at American Addiction Centers, Anywhere from 48-94% of babies exposed in utero to heroin will experience withdrawal at birth. Heroin is an extremely addictive recreational drug made from a seed pod of an opium poppy plant. Children born to heroin-dependent parents also had a high incidence of hyperactivity, inattention, and behavioral problems, determined by National Center for Biotechnology Information. Children in America born exposed to drugs in the womb has increased dramatically in the past 15 years. Reported by Mother to Baby, Studies have reported a risk for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) with heroin use during the third trimester of pregnancy. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that about 6 of 1,000 babies born in the U.S. are diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. Hospitals may use an assessment tool developed in the 1970s during the peak of the heroin outbreak. The assessment tool is used to help rate the infants symp toms which helps determine what medication to put a baby on. In accordance with Mother to Baby, March of Dimes states, If you use heroin during pregnancy, it can cause serious problems for your baby, like premature birth, NAS, birth defects and still birth. Still birth is when a full term infant dies and is delivered. Drug use also causes many pregnant women to miscarry a fetus that is not yet full term. On average, the hospital stay for an infant diagnosed with NAS is $67,000. In 2012, 80 percent of the $1.5 billion charges for the treatment of NAS were covered by Medicaid programs, funded by taxpayers. If you do not get medical care, it is four times more likely that your baby will die during your pregnancy or shortly after being born, believed by CRC Health.  Ã‚   Mother to Baby states that, Drinking alcohol in pregnancy puts the developing baby at risk for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). FAS is the most severe type of disorder infants may experience. In 2002, the lifelong estimated cost of a person with FAS was $2 million. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are the leading cause of preventable mental retardation and are 100 percent avoidable if a woman does not drink alcohol during pregnancy, according to the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can have a lasting effect on the children that are born with it. Alcohol can cause more neurobehavioral problems with an infant than heroin or cocaine. Pediatrics Child Health mentions, Children with FAS have problems with development, learning, behavior and social skills. Behavior problems linked with FAS are attachment disorders, which is when children dont have the opportunity to form a close relationship to an adult the way children typically do. As stated by March of Dimes, Drinking alcohol during pregnancy makes your baby more likely to have premature birth, birth defects and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Premature birth is an infant born before 37 weeks of due date. The earlier an infant is born, the higher risk of complications following the birth. As little as one drink a day can raise the odds of miscarrying or having a baby with a low birth weight, and raise your childs risk of problems with learning, speech, attention span, language, and hyperactivity ( No amount of alcohol is safe for a baby during the pregnancy. Reasoning (cognitive) thinking is another consequence of FAS that can affect the child later in life with school performance. Some children dont experience symptoms from alcohol exposure until their mid or late teen years. Babies can be born addicted to methamphetamine and suffer withdrawal symptoms that include tremors, sleeplessness, muscle spasms, and feeding difficulties, stated by Methamphetamine is a synthetic drug that is used as a stimulant illegally. As numbers increase of pregnant women abusing substances, it is becoming a public health concern. Out of the babies exposed to meth in the womb, only four percent were treated for withdrawal.   Recovery Village states, Neonatal amphetamine withdrawal symptoms can include problems feeding, irritability and agitation. Babies may pull away, arching their back, when held and can be very restless.   As mentioned before, Recovery Village mentions that, Studies have shown that exposing a fetus to meth can cause DNA damage, and mental and physical abnormalities and heart defects. Babies will respond well to rocking and swaddling. They easily become dehydrated so should have an abundance of liquids to keep hydrated.   A 2005 st udy by the University of Toronto showed that taking just one dose of meth during pregnancy could have dire consequences for the baby, states Babies born with methamphetamine in their system are referred to as addicted but essentially that is not the case, their bodies have developed a physical tolerance to the drug. The majority of the study results we have come from animal studies. Babies may experience organ, muscle and bone pain. According to Therese Grant, investigator of the Parent-Child Assistance Program, pregnant women who used marijuana in the past year, 16.2% used almost daily. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug from a cannabis plant. Raina Delisle said in her article, in Todays Parent, Using cannabis can lead to poor pregnancy outcomes and long-term neurodevelopmental effects on the child. Smoke from marijuana contains a lot of the same carcinogenic toxins as smoke from tobacco that cause respiratory diseases. A child whose mother used marijuana during pregnancy may have trouble with memory, attention, controlling impulses, and school performance stated by In school age children five to six, scores significantly drop in attention span and memory tests due to prenatal marijuana exposure. According to National Health Services, Research suggests that using cannabis regularly during pregnancy could affect your babys brain development. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in the marijuana, is the subs tance that leads to problems with brain development. mothers who use cannabis during pregnancy are more likely to have a low birth weight, which can lead to various health problems ( When a pregnant woman smokes marijuana, it stays in the babys fat cells for seven to 30 days. Abusing drugs during pregnancy affects infants physically and has continued effects due to brain structure changes that may affect the growing child behaviorally, academically, and in making social-emotional connections with others. These changes may follow into their adult life, exhibiting as mental disorders, or through altered DNA. It is a serious problem for society and for the affected individual but it can be completely prevented by mothers being fully aware of what is at stake and making the choice to remain drug and alcohol free throughout their pregnancies. A baby is born with a need to be loved and never outgrows it.(Frank A. Clark) Works Cited Alcohol during Pregnancy. March of Dimes, Atwater, Taylor. Meth Babies on the Rise: Long-Term Effects of Moms on Meth During Pregnancy. The Recovery Village, The Recovery Village, 1 June 2018, Drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy. BabyCenter, 9 Oct. 2018, Delisle, Raina. Is It Safe to Use Weed during Pregnancy? Todays Parent, Todays Parent, 19 Oct. 2018, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: What You Should Know about Drinking during Pregnancy. Heroin and Pregnancy. March of Dimes, MotherToBaby, Heroins Effects on Pregnancy., 9 Sept. 2017, Is It Safe to Smoke Weed during Pregnancy? BabyCentre UK, BabyCentre Blog, Marijuana Use During Pregnancy: Short and Long-Term Effects. National Institute on Drug Abuse. Dramatic Increases in Maternal Opioid Use and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. NIDA, 1 Sept. 2015, NHS Choices, NHS, Ornoy, A, et al. The Developmental Outcome of Children Born to Heroin-Dependent Mothers, Raised at Home or Adopted. Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports., U.S. National Library of Medicine, May 1996, Pregnant Using Heroin. CRC Health Group, Reale, Skylar. Taking Amphetamine While Pregnant: What You Need to Know. The Recovery Village, The Recovery Village, 1 Nov. 2018, Reinberg, Steven. Pregnant Women Put Babies at Risk With Alcohol. WebMD, WebMD, 2 Feb. 2016, Smoking Weed While Pregnant: Is It Dangerous? Healthline, Healthline Media, Staff, Casa Palmera. The Facts and Effects of Methamphetamine Addiction and Pregnancy. Casa Palmera, 14 Jan. 2015, Swain County, North Carolina, Using Illegal Drugs During Pregnancy. American Pregnancy Association, 1 Feb. 2018,

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Documentary Analysis Zeitgeist Addendum Essay - 815 Words

Actual Documentary Analysis Zeitgeist Addendum, Joseph, Peter, 2008 This film revolves around the state of the world that is corruption. The main reason or cause of this corruption is the monetary system. Our society, work, and power rely on one thing and that is money. This film/documentary also offers a solution, which is a system that is resource-based and not money-based. â€Å"This solution is not based on politics, morality, laws, or any other ‘establishment’ notions of human affairs, but rather on a modern, non-superstitious based understanding of what we are and how we align with nature, to which we are a part†-IMDb. Basically, this solution offers an economy, or system where there are no poor people, because of the destruction of†¦show more content†¦The first step was the economic hitman who starts out with presenting loans to those leaders. The second step, which is â€Å"the jackal,† was in case the first was not successful. â€Å"The jackal† either overthrows governments or assassinates them jus t like in Ecuador. The third step is â€Å"the military,† which is basically a war to overthrow the government and install their corporations there. Part three of the documentary talks about Jacques Fresco and The Venus Project. This is where the solution comes in where there is no money at all, only a resource-based economy. These were the ideas of Jacques Fresco. In addition, he said that the contributing factors of the problems stated before were free market enterprise and capitalism. To implement these solutions, Fresco said that another entity will be an expense, which is the environment. Part four of the film discussed that all the major problems are outcomes of the ignorance of emergent and symbiotic. It is an ignorance that is maintained by the system we have today. To counter this, Peter Joseph suggests social changes that are non-violent and to boycott those corporations. Based on this film, the corporations are the ones with most corruptions since, for them, nothing is ever enough. For me, I agree with Peter Joseph that this world should be changed into a resource-based economy. I think that the times before Mercantilism where they used resources and not gold or silver were a time when there were

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Essay about Capitalism and Socialism - 1566 Words

You buy a house. You choose your job. You shop for the groceries and toys that your income allows you. We take these basics of American life for granted, but these liberties are all because of capitalism. Capitalism is an economic system that enables consumers to determine which products will be sold, lets firms decide how to produce them, and allows markets to guide who gets them. IN the United States, oil is an example of an industry that is run by this principle. Life would be different, however, if the nation was socialist. Socialism is an economic theory that mandates that the governing body, rather than the consumers and firms, control some of the firms on behalf of the community. For example, in Norway and even in capitalist Mexico†¦show more content†¦In addition, capitalism addresses the questions of what products to produce, how they will be produced, and who will receive the products. Firms will make the goods and services that consumers are willing and able to bu y; therefore, consumers determine the products. This is an effective method, because in general people are rational; people respond to incentives; and optimal decisions are made at the margin (Hubbard, 2009). In turn, firms decide how the goods and services are produced. Entrepreneurship allows for common people to operate businesses. An individual can produce an idea, take the financial risk, and begin a business and start selling a good or service. A person’s drive to succeed and natural response to incentives encourage him or her to work. Businesses are guided by profits. Because natural monopolies do occur, a managed capitalistic economy like our own provides for appropriate regulatory methods, but generally the goods are produced by a firm or firms with minimal government interference. Prices for the products are set through competition of firms, by private enterprise, in which the market determines the price. Who, then, determines who gets the final product? The governm ent? In capitalism, markets determine who will receive the goods. Adam Smith developed this concept by naming it the â€Å"invisible hand†Ã¢â‚¬â€the guiding forces of self-interest, supply and demand, and competition to assisting the marketplace along on its own withoutShow MoreRelatedCapitalism And Socialism And Capitalism1952 Words   |  8 PagesFor more than a century capitalism and socialism have been contending to be the best economic system. Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry that is controlled by private owners for profit. Capitalism is the heart and soul of America s economy. A capitalistRead MoreSocialism : Socialism Vs. Capitalism1156 Words   |  5 PagesEric Butterbaugh Mrs. Penwell English Composition November 8, 2015 Socialism V. Capitalism In the past the word Socialism or Socialist has been used with a negative connotation but recently with the rise of Senator Bernie Sander, Independent from Vermont, running for the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States of America, it has became a positive word that many people are finding themselves agreeing with and flocking to see a Socialist speak about economic and social problemsRead MoreCapitalism Vs. Socialism And Socialism868 Words   |  4 PagesCapitalism vs Socialism Capitalism and socialism have been two school of thoughts in economics that have opposing factors, and there have been a lot of criticisms and comparison on which economy is better in terms of economic equality, and the role that the government plays in the society. In most situations, a society with a better economic opportunities and choices, with more technological advancement and private owned businesses would be a better option to a society that is collectively ownedRead MoreSocialism And The Second Is Capitalism922 Words   |  4 Pagesgoing to talk about socialism and the second is capitalism. Socialism is a government run by the public rather than by private individuals. Thus, in a socialistic country, the common public owns the factors of production and makes economic decisions. Therefore individuals do not work alone, but together. Everyone in the community contributes to one another. Socialism came into being due to the success of capitalism. Socialism is the complete opposite of capitalism. Socialism believes in everyoneRead MoreComparing Capitalism and Socialism730 Words   |  3 Pageswe have in the world today are socialism and capitalism. In this text, I will in addition to comparing and contrasting socialism and capitalism also discuss the shortcomings of these two economic systems. Further, amongst other things, I will highlight the overlaps between the two. Capitalism vs. Socialism In seeking to highlight the key differences between socialism and capitalism, it would be prudent to first offer a concise definition of the two terms. Capitalism in the words of Brinkerhoff,Read MoreCapitalism versus Socialism1651 Words   |  7 PagesCapitalism versus socialism It is much better to live in a country where difference between poor and rich is noticeable, than to know that a person will never differ from others in his or her own country. My essay will be based on the following the definition, characteristics’, types of capitalism and socialism, features, socialism as alternative to capitalism and social change and economic development. What is capitalism? Capitalism is an economic and political system in which all means of productionRead MoreCapitalism vs Socialism1746 Words   |  7 PagesOutline: Essay question: What is the best policy for any country: capitalism or socialism? Introduction: Thesis statement: It is much better to live in the country where the gap between poor and rich people is sharply noticeable, than to know that a person will never differ from the mass of people or feel a real freedom in his/her own country. Body: A. Capitalistic policy gives an equal opportunity to everyone to become a wealthy person. * Person can have his own business and developRead MoreThe Socialism And Capitalism Of Society1686 Words   |  7 PagesIn this paper, we will look at both socialism and capitalism. These are both very broad topics so not every aspect of each will be covered. We will, though, try to achieve a basic understanding of both of the systems. We will see how they differ and how they are similar. The term socialism was brought onto the world scene in the 1830s. It was first used to describe the doctrines of Charles Fourier, Henri De Saint-Simon, and Robert Owen (Dagger).These men believed that society should be organizedRead MoreThe Notions Of Capitalism And Socialism773 Words   |  4 Pages a. What is your understanding of the notions of capitalism and socialism? Capitalism and socialism are opposing schools of thought in economics and the role of government. Socialists believe economic inequality is bad for society, and the government is responsible for reducing it via programs that benefit the poor (e.g., free public education, free or subsidized healthcare, social security for the elderly, higher taxes on the rich). On the other hand, capitalists believe that the government doesRead MoreCapitalism versus Socialism 509 Words   |  2 PagesCapitalism is a social system based on the principle of individual rights. It is the system of laissez-faire (freedom). In regards to the legal system, capitalism embodies the rule of law as opposed to rule of man. From an economic standpoint, the free-market system exists. Socialism is common ownership. The world’s resources are owned in common by the entire global population. With Democratic control is essential in the meaning of socialism. Everyone has the right to participate in social decisio ns

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ILM Work based assignment Essay - 5982 Words

Work Based Assignment M3.12 M3.26 Contents page Contents page 2 WORK BASED ASSIGNMENT 3 MARK SHEET 5 The value of assessing performance 6 Managing performance 7 Motivating the team to improve performance in the workplace 8 The value of feedback in the workplace 9 Appendices 10 WORK BASED ASSIGNMENT - M3.12 MOTIVATING TO PERFORM IN THE WORKPLACE/ M3.26 MANAGING PERFORMANCE Centre Number Centre Name Candidate Registration No Candidate Name TASK This task is all about motivating the team to perform in the workplace. You should consider: the value of assessing performance; how you could motivate the team to improve performance; and the value of feedback in the workplace. Please use†¦show more content†¦Formal assessments are then followed up and reviewed allowing progress to be evaluated. When formally assessing performance, this is done through annual appraisals, monthly/quarterly goals, audits etc. The outcomes are quantitative results/data which supports conclusions and are easily read. Informal assessments are more casual and are more difficult to measure as they can be through word of mouth, observations, peer and self evaluation and are not recorded and checked. When informally assessing performance we may look more at frequent reactions to how daily tasks are handled or through informal discussions. TheShow MoreRelatedIlm M3.18943 Words   |  4 PagesILM LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA IN LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT ILM/L3DipLM/0308 Introducing the qualification The ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership and Management has been specially designed for first line managers looking to develop a wide range of management and leadership skills suitable for their role. The qualification also develops both understanding and application of leadership skills through the use of action learning. The Diploma consists of six mandatory units ‘Understanding change’, ‘Planning change’Read MoreILM L3 Award Candidate Guide 2014 Essay3011 Words   |  13 Pagesï » ¿ Contents Introduction 3 The ILM 4 Course Outline 5 Objectives 5 Teaching and Learning Methods 5 ILM Qualifications Assessment 6 Work Based Assignments 6 Course Fees 6 Time off for Study 6 Equality of Opportunity 6 Appeals 6 Course Team 7 Roles Responsibilities within the Course Team 7 How to Register 8 Timetable 2014 9 Management Development Opportunities 10 The Programmes 10 Management Development Framework 11 Registration Form 13 Learning Agreement 15 Introduction Rapid changesRead MoreProblem Solving12254 Words   |  50 PagesCongratulations on choosing the ILM Level 3 Award, Certificate or Diploma in First Line Management. This Study Guide is designed to introduce you to the qualification and help you to complete your programme successfully. The ILM Level 3 Award, Certificate and Diploma in First Line Management Congratulations on choosing the ILM Level 3 Award, Certificate or Diploma in First Line Management. This Study Guide is designed to provide you with information about the qualification andRead MoreIntroduction to Leadership4381 Words   |  18 Pages[pic] COURSE HANDBOOK ILM LEVEL 3 AWARD IN FIRST LINE MANAGEMENT ILM LEVEL 3 AWARD IN FIRST LINE MANAGEMENT Welcome to the ILM Level 3 Award in First Line Management. The ILM level 3 Award has been specifically designed to give practicing or aspiring managers a solid foundation in their formal development for this role. Benefits of the ILM Level 3 Award in First Line Management ILM qualifications bring about practical benefits to you and your organisation becauseRead MoreEssay on Managing Own Continuous Professional Development5781 Words   |  24 Pagespersonal and work-related development experiences, aims, objectives and priorities. 2.1 Evaluate prior learning and work-related experience to identify personal strength and weaknesses in self-development. Humans by nature never stop learning; we undertake learning at different stages of our lives and acquire skills and competences in variety of areas. These learning may have been certified (by an academic or educational body) whilst others are not certified learning through work, social andRead MoreBSA 375 Complete Course1474 Words   |  6 Pagesthe successful reliance on the Joint Application Development (JAD) process to identify and gather business requirements? Would JAD work in your company? Explain why or why not.    BSA 375Week 1 Discussion Question 2 Based on Tallon and Scannell’s (2007) article, describe information life cycle management (ILM) and the relationship to the cost of storage.    Based on Mitchell’s (2007) article, explain how Musicland stores were converted to the Trans World Entertainment system in 90 days.    BSARead MoreIlm Level 5 Assignment 1 Essay2325 Words   |  10 Pages [pic] ILM Higher Apprenticeship. Level 5 Understanding the Management role to improve Management performance. Glyn Thomas Introduction. I am undertaking the Institutive of Leadership Management (ILM) Higher Apprenticeship Level 5 as an employee of the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust (WAST). I am substantively employed as a Paramedic working as a sole responder on a rapid response vehicle, however I have just complete a two and a half year secondment in a managerial roleRead MoreUnit 3 Dtlls3462 Words   |  14 Pages CG 7305 DTLLS Unit 3: Enabling Learning Assessment Word Count: 3,117 Introduction As a college based Management Apprenticeship assessor and trainer working within Corporate Development Training nationwide, I use a range of assessment methods. Initially in this assignment, I intend to describe and evaluate two different assessment methods, which I use to assess the progress of my learners. Through the identification of these assessment methods, I will analyse theirRead MoreThe Named Learner3097 Words   |  13 PagesSubmission cover sheet Every assessment submission must be authenticated as the work of the named learner. This is a regulatory requirement, so to support centres we recommended that this cover sheet should accompany every assessment submission- for both assessments being carried out by the centre or through the ILM Assessment service (ILMA). While using this cover sheet is not mandatory learners must, in some way, make the declaration of authenticity using the statement below. Any submission thatRead MoreIlm Level 3 M3.12 Essay examples1546 Words   |  7 PagesILM LEVEL 3 Award in first line management M3.01 Solving Problems and Making Decisions by Donna Sullivan Hull Training 2012 Table of Contents Context of assignment 2 The description of the problem 3 Analysis of the problem 4 Resolution of the problem 5 Implementation and communication of the solution 6 Appendix 7 Background: I work for the City Health Care Partnership within the Primary Care Medical Services, I work for 4 different GP practices as the Data Quality

The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis Free Essays

The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis As I started reading this short story, it clearly introduced who the characters are and where it took place. The narrator is a woman; she has no name, remains anonymous throughout the story. She lives with her husband John in a house. We will write a custom essay sample on The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis or any similar topic only for you Order Now This house is isolated from society, since the short story indicates that it is far from village, roads or any means of communication. It also contains locks and gates throughout. The woman is ill and this illness has placed her in a weak position with her husband and everything around her. We know that she likes to write, but her husband doesn’t let her, so she does it in secret. Although this type of writing is mainly to show mild personality disorder in dealing with life, at the same time I believe it shows how each person expresses their illness and how it builds up with certain outcome. Here the author shows how the woman expresses her illness through the circumstances of the yellow wallpaper such as dreaming and fantasying through the paper, which led to her breakdown. At first, the narrator describes the yellow wallpaper as ? It is dull enough to confuse the eye in following, pronounced enough to constantly irritate and provoke study, and when you follow the lame uncertain curves for a little distance they suddenly commit suicide–plunge off at outrageous angles, destroy themselves in unheard of contradictions  .? It shows how the narrator dislikes the yellow wallpaper and she elaborates her feelings towards it. This quote explains a lot about how she feels, and also points out how suppressed and weak she is. When it said ? follow the lame uncertain curves? t refers to the husband that may lead the narrator to commit suicide because of the way she listens and obeys him. Although he seems to say the things that would make her better and assure her that she is getting better, he is not really letting her do what would make her better, which is what she wants. As a physician who recognizes and treats his wife’s condition, it would appear to be that he understands her best, but he does not seem to realize how severe her state is. Neither does he have an adequate way of treating it, like not letting her do what she wants like for instance writing. I believe he underestimates the state of her mind, and he has a lot to do with the outcome of her condition. This leads to her obsession with the wallpaper. At first the narrator hated it, and then she got used to it. She started letting her imagination wander about this wallpaper, she saw in her mind’s eye people, scenes: ? there is a beautiful shaded lane that runs down there from the house. I always fancy I see people walking in these numerous paths and arbors, but John has cautioned me not to give way to fancy at least.? By focusing on these fantasies or dreams, I believe it expresses her feelings and makes her more confident. Despite what John thinks about her fantasies, she continues to imagine things. He thinks she is getting better in spite of her speculations, she knows she is getting better because of these speculations, her illness has its own certain effect and it even develops. John warns her several times that she must use her self-control to rein in her imagination, which he fears will run away with her. Of course, the narrator’s eventual insanity is a product of the  repression  of her imaginative power, not the expression of it. She is constantly longing for an emotional means, even going so far as to keep a secret journal, which she describes more than once as a â€Å"relief† to her mind. This illness progresses in a way that lets her see a woman in the wallpaper. She sees the same woman in different places and she thinks that the woman only gets out in daytime. She says, ? It is the same woman, I know, for she is always creeping along, and most women do not creep by daylight.? Lori Voth explains this part in a way that I totally agree with. She says that the woman who for some time is hidden in the background of the paper symbolizes the main character’s fear of presenting herself and her opinion. I agree that it is a symbol of fear because the narrator is a reflection of the hidden woman behind the wallpaper, which relates much to her. She is hiding in this house away from society, scared to say what she feels or what she wants. In my opinion, I think that this is one of the things that led to her depression, if the narrator was able to express herself from the beginning and not let her husband or anyone control her, as a result she may be in a better condition. Reaching the end, she doesn’t really care much about what anyone thinks. She starts showing certain actions that may confirm that she going insane, like peeling off all the paper, locking the door and throwing the key in the front path. On one hand it seems that she is gone insane, on the other hand, I think she is getting out of her cage, expressing what has been there all along may be in a certain way that only satisfies her. In my own view as I discussed it before, each individual has a certain way of expressing their illness or more likely their feelings, and it comes with different ways of behaviour (outcome) depending on the person. This story takes the reader’s mind to different view of women. Women are usually known for being the quiet, sophisticated, and reasonable characters in society. This time the reader may be taken into the inner-most realms of women’s mind and experiences. The experience of the narrator in the ? The Yellow Wallpaper? hows that she is gone mad because her role in society is limited and her ability to express herself creatively is constricted. This inability for her to express herself in a meaningful way eventually leads her to associate herself with the woman in the wallpaper who looks to be, like the narrator, behind bars or in a cage. Some important feminine critics have seen the â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† not only an accurate representation of a situa tion of woman in a harsh culture but also a model for their own reading and writing practices (Davison 120). The yellow wallpaper represents several ideas and conditions and every time I read it a new view captures my eyes. Work cited * Voth, Lori. Article about ? The Yellow Wallpaper.? http://voices. yahoo. com/literary-analysis-yellow-wallpaper-charlotte-11251. html? cat=38.? Lori Voth, November 21, 2005. Web. October 29, 2012. * Davison, Carol Margaret.? Haunted House/Haunted Heroine: Female Gothic Closets in ? The Yellow Wallpaper.? Women’s studies 33. 1(2004):47-75. Academic search complete. Web. 6 November, 2012. How to cite The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis, Essay examples

Organization Behavior New Zealands Management Skills

Question: Discuss about theOrganization Behavior for New Zealand's Management Skills. Answer: Introduction This essay critically assesses as well as evaluates the article of the critical challenges facing New Zealands chief executives: implications for management skills by Hutchinson Boxall. Along with this, this essay identifies a relevant thesis statement or question from the article. This research essay explains the strengths and weaknesses of the article on the basis of the selects thesis statement or question. In addition to this, this paper explains the key point of this study and provides a solid conclusion about the research article. Thesis Statement The thesis statement of this research essay is to identify the challenges faced by chief executive in implications for New Zealands management skills in the current business environment, and these challenges have an effect on the management ability of managing uncertainty and renewal, managing stakeholders and managing people and limited resources. Critical Evaluation and Strengths Weaknesses of the Article On the basis of the above thesis statement, it can be stated that this article is effective to evaluate and find out the solution this thesis statement. The main strength of this article is data collection way as it used survey method to collect the data that is an appropriate way to resolve the research problem. This article survey conducted to the chief executives of New Zealands 1000 largest organizations from across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors (Hutchison and Boxall, 2014). The survey method would be appropriate way to collect current and primary data on the problem rather than use the past or secondary data or information to solve the research problem. The quantitative section of the survey, open-ended questions, the appropriate sampling and response rate indicated the strength of this article/research. Primary data through apply survey method would be enhance the reliability and credibility of the research study and justified the finding and result of the rese arch study (Vorhies and Morgan, 2005). Moreover, the strength of this article is also included the secondary data or previous research on this topic that maintain the reliability and credibility of the outcomes of this research study. This study is review recent articles or views of the authors or scholars and has not left out any references that enhance credibility of the study outcomes. The proper list of the references, appropriate formation of the research study, clearly written and language is unbiased that is easy to understand of the readers are the main strengths of this study (Kuada, 2012). In addition, this research aim, objectives, and hypothesis are not clearly stated that is the weakness of this article/study. Variables types such as independent and dependent are not clearly defined that affected the reliability and validity of the research outcome/conclusion. On the basis of the results of the study, it can be stated that management capabilities are important for New Zealand and three fundamental sets of managerial skills are basic requirement of the management. Three fundamental sets of managerial skills are managing uncertainty and renewal; managing stakeholders and partners; and managing people and internal resources (Luo and Bhattacharya, 2006). Moreover, this article explained that in a challenging economic environment and hanging markets and technologies, New Zealands chief executives face challenges in that the support of stakeholders. It indicated that due to the demographic wave of baby-boomer retirements, New Zealands chief executives face a war for talent both national and international level that affected the leadership positions. In the private sector of New Zealand, chief executives are considering and reframing their business models to meet fast-paced and ambiguous change (Lindon, Holmes and Nicholson, 2006). Moreover, in p ublic and not-for-profit organizations of New Zealand, chief executives are changing to a constrained funding base over that they have little control, so they need to find ways of enhance funding in a high demands and escalating costs climate. This article results expressed accurate finding that current environment created some major challenges for management skills development that are affected their abilities, which grouped into three fundamental sets of managerial skills categories. This article properly described the current issues faced by the New Zealands chief executives that are faced issued in renew and restructure an organization effectively. Moreover, managers are handled better and able to deal with systematic problems (Hutchinson Boxall, 2014). In addition, HR specialists need to be focused on the development of the skills of the employees and take part themselves in developmental skills processes that bridge internal and external boundaries. Viewpoint about the Article This article included previous studies or literature in appropriate manner in this study to describe the current challenges facing New Zealands chief executives. This study helped me to understand the above defined the thesis statement and understand the main research problem or topic. In this article, a direct method of data collection through survey questionnaire with New Zealands chief executives was applied that enhance my understanding regarding the data collection method, sample selection for represent population and ways of represent data collection results (Kulkarni, Aziz, Shams and Busse, 2009). The article conclusion indicates proper review of literature, data collection and sampling technique justifies that enhance my research knowledge and skills. This article explains the critical challenges facing by the New Zealands chief executives at present times by included view of different authors in literature review and views of survey questionnaire participants (Datta, Guthrie and Wright, 2005). Data collection through New Zealands chief executives questionnaire survey as apply the random sampling indicated use of sampling method and sample selection present population regarding the research study. This article study enhance my research knowledge, skill and ability through properly use of primary and secondary data collection methods, conduct literature review, sampling method and proper conclusion. This article helped me to practical implication of the classroom discussion regarding the data collection methods, sampling methods and literature review conduct and ways to reach an outcome or conclusion of the study (Johnson and Christensen, 2010). Agree With the Thesis Statement of the Article Moreover, I am agree with the above defined thesis statement of this paper after the reading of the article that is challenges faced by New Zealands chief executive in implications for management skills in the current environment and these challenges impacted on the management ability related to manage uncertainty and renewal, manage stakeholders and manage people and limited resources (Goddard and Melville, 2004).. The thesis statement and article indicated that due to the challenging economic environment and rapid changing markets and technologies, New Zealands chief executives face challenges currently in the market. New Zealands chief executives face a war for talent due to the demographic wave of baby-boomer retirements and shortage of the talented workers in the labor market. In addition, the article is explained the fast-paced and ambiguous changes, so that the chief executives of private sector are required reconsidering and reframing their business models to survive and maintain their business in the complex business environment. I am agreed with the thesis statement of the article, due to the rapid changes in the technology and business environment or market created the challenges of the management (Wright, Brand, Dunn and Spindler, 2007). Therefore, they may be required reframing and modifying in their operations, products and process to face the current challenges of the market for surviving and maintain their position. I am agreed that the current complex business environment poses some major challenges for the New Zealands chief executives. Moreover, I am also agreed with the thesis statement of the article that the chief executives of the public and not-for-profit organizations are facing challenged in fund raising and control of funding due to e scalating costs and need to do more with fewer funds or less with fewer funds (Vigoda-Gadot, 2007). This article would be more appropriate to explain the challenges faced by the chief executives in private, public and not-for-profit organizations. The article key points are fast-changing and ambiguous environment; due to this environment, managers need improved their capabilities and improved political and interpersonal skills in managing uncertainty and organizational renewal, in managing a complex web of relationships with stakeholders and in managing people and limited resources. The other key point of this article is HR specialists should design, foster and model the developmental processes in the organization to support these managerial skills (Grant and Booth, 2009). The article finding that three fundamental management skill needs to develop in the chief executives these are ability to manage or face uncertainty and renewal, manage and properly deal with the stakeholders and business partners, and manage or handle and proper utilize of people and limited resources. Conclusion On the basis of the above defined thesis statement and article summary, it can be concluded that the thesis statement is related to the article topic or research problem topic that justified the key points of research finding or conclusion. The strengths of this article are proper used of primary data collection (questionnaire survey) and secondary data collection (literature review) methods, random sampling method, discussion, data analysis and appropriate conclusion. In addition, weaknesses of this article are not properly defined research aim, objectives, questions, hypothesis and thesis statement. References Datta, D.K., Guthrie, J.P. and Wright, P.M. (2005). Human Resource Management and Labor Productivity: Does Industry Matter? Academy of Management Journal, 48(1), pp. 135145. Goddard, W. and Melville, S. (2004). Research Methodology: An Introduction. USA: Juta and Company Ltd. Grant, M. J., and Booth, A. (2009). A typology of reviews: an analysis of 14 review types and associated methodologies. Health Information Libraries Journal, 26(2), pp. 91-108. Hutchison, A., and Boxall, P. (2014). The critical challenges facing New Zealand's chief executives: implications for management skills. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 52(1), pp. 23-41. Johnson, B. and Christensen, L. (2010). Educational Research: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Approaches. USA: SAGE. Kuada, J. (2012). Research Methodology: A Project Guide for University Students. USA: Samfundslitteratur. Kulkarni, A. V., Aziz, B., Shams, I., and Busse, J. W. (2009). Comparisons of citations in Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar for articles published in general medical journals. Jama, 302(10), pp. 1092-1096. Lindon, J. C., Holmes, E., and Nicholson, J. K. (2006). Metabonomics techniques and applications to pharmaceutical research development. Pharmaceutical research, 23(6), pp. 1075-1088. Luo, X. and Bhattacharya, C.B. (2006). Corporate Social Responsibility, Customer Satisfaction, and Market Value. Journal of Marketing, 70(4), pp. 1-18. Vigoda-Gadot, E. (2007). Leadership style, organizational politics, and employees performance. Personnel Review, 36(5), pp. 661-683. Vorhies, D.W. and Morgan, N.A. (2005). Benchmarking Marketing Capabilities for Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Journal of Marketing, 69, pp. 8094. Wright, R. W., Brand, R. A., Dunn, W., and Spindler, K. P. (2007). How to write a systematic review. Clinical orthopaedics and related research, 455, pp. 23-29.

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Comparing and Contrasting NCUs Concept Paper Requirements for Qualitative and or Quantitative Papers Example For Students

Comparing and Contrasting NCUs Concept Paper Requirements for Qualitative and or Quantitative Papers The theoretical discipline of philosophy is broken down into five facets. (1) Logic, that details the rules of an argument, and distinguishing valid from invalid forms of argument; (2) Ethics, and its distinction between right and wrong, good or evil, moral or immoral; (3) Epistemology, which is the nature of knowledge, what it is, how we know, and what is the truth? (4) Aesthetic, that takes into account the nature of beauty and art; and (5) Metaphysics, reality and what we consider to be real, and does it exists? What does it mean to say that something exists or does not exist? How can we refer to something that does not exist? To satisfy the requirements of completing the discipline of philosophy and other disciplines at Northcentral University, Doctoral students must prepare a dissertation. Part of the dissertation process is to inquire and solve a hypothesis using some form of research method. This paper compares and contrasts NCU’s concept paper requirements for qualitative and or quantitative papers. Northcentral Expectation Both qualitative and quantitative concept designs share design elements. Sampson (2012) states that a good or enriched qualitative and or quantitative concept paper is a product of forethought. Northcentral University (NCU) provides its Doctoral students with writing resources that are not limited to the concept template to enhance their knowledge about the development of their dissertations. Primarily, qualitative and quantitative papers should always have a title, a table of content, an introduction, problem statement, the purpose of the study, and research questions (Northcentral University School of Education, 2010). Secondly, the concept paper should also offer a hypothesis, define key terms, offer literature reviews, and provide research methods used in the paper (Northcentral University School of Education, 2010). Moreover, any concept paper should always specify data collection methods and analysis and offer an operational definition of variables. Additionally, the concept paper should provide measurable variables used and a summary of the report. Lastly, the concept paper should always provide a list of references, bibliographies, and annotated bibliography whenever possible. Different elements of the concept paper should be specific as per the Northcentral University’s requirements. The introduction section should not exceed two paragraphs; the researcher should provide a brief description of the research topic and use scholarly resources to support his or her ideas (Northcentral University, 2013). Still under the introduction, the researcher should provide the statement of the research problem; the researcher should use current not older than 5 years from time of publication scholarly resources to support his or her arguments (Northcentral University, 2013). The introduction section should also provide one paragraph description of the purpose of the study; the purpose statement provides the goal of the study. The purpose statement should also reflect the research questions, the research design, the participants and data sources used, and the geographic position of the study (Northcentral University, 2013). The introduction section should further highlight the research question. Qualitative research questions should match the purpose statement and be open-ended. Qualitative research questions should reflect the qualitative research design. On the other hand, quantitative research questions should be testable, specific, and be directly answerable based on experimental/research data. Nonetheless, the researcher should decide on the research methodology he/she is going to use and state it in the purpose statement as early as possible. This would allow for unique style and choice of component for a specific design. The quantitative research methodologies demand the inclusion of sample sizes and the definition of variables that are used in the research. The researcher should align the sample size to the purpose and the objectives to be met in the long-run. The researcher should identify and associate each variable with research questions and hypotheses (Northcentral University, 2013). The paper should further have a brief description of how each variable will operate in the research. However, the descriptions should be based on reliable and valid published research materials such as peer reviewed journal articles (Northcentral University, 2013). In addition, the introduction section should also provide a hypothesis sub-section. The hypothesis sub-section for quantitative research design should correspond to the research question (Northcentral University, 2013). The hypothesis for the quantitative paper must be presented in a testable, but potentially negatable form with each of its variables operationalized (Northcentral University, 2013). Lastly, the introduction may have a subjection meant for definition of core terms. Nonetheless, the definition of core terms is optional for both qualitative and quantitative concept papers. In other words, both qualitative and quantitative concept papers may or may not have a â€Å"definition of key terms† sub-heading in the introduction. Qualitative and quantitative designs often differ in their data collection/study. Qualitative research uses words and point of view of the research subjects (participants) (Bryman, 2012). However, in qualitative research designs, the research uses words to isolate the main points of view of the research subjects. In other words, qualitative research designs encourage direct contact between the researcher and participants during the study. Flexibility is important in qualitative research designs because the researcher should always ascertain the context of the observations that is made. As such, qualitative research designs require the research to conduct investigations in the participants’ natural settings. On the contrary, the researcher may use numbers to measure the variables in quantitative research designs. Quantitative research often originates from the researcher’s point of view; however, the researcher uses numbers or codes to distance himself/herself from the variables. The researcher further uses theory to inform the research method; the researcher mixes theory and data to make meaning out of the codes or numbers. In most cases, quantitative research design is only applicable in artificial settings; the research process in such cases is often static. As such, quantitative research deigns are meant to generate generalizations about a given theory in the context of a particular context (Bryman, 2012). In other words, quantitative approach often manipulates variables in the context of certain condition to convey change as defined by a particular theoretical framework. However, qualitative and quantitative research designs are similar in a number of ways. First and foremost, both methods employ reductionist method in their interaction with data (Bryman, 2012). As such, the researcher collects large volumes of data which he/she reduces to a reasonable format for interpretation. Secondly, qualitative and quantitative research designs demand the use of research questions to guide the research process. Thirdly, quantitative and qualitative research designs should have a strong correlation with the available literature (Bryman, 2012). Researchers using qualitative and quantitative approaches should focus on the variations exemplified in the literature. As such, qualitative and quantitative research designs are meant to reveal feelings, facts, similarities, and differences in order to support or reject a certain theory. The variations determine the conclusions that are made by the researcher (Bryman, 2014). In other words, researchers using quantitative and/or qualitative research designs conduct literature reviews to enable other researchers realize the importance of the study. The discussion component of the concept paper should always identify the concept or idea studied. The discussion for qualitative research method should use a single idea and or phenomenon, idea or concept (Northcentral University, 2010). The researcher should also define and specify the population he/she is studying. For example, qualitative studies may offer description about the number of participants as well as their geographical location. Qualitative studies should exploit interview guide. The researcher should describe the type of interview he or she is using and provide a sample of questions used in the research. In other words, the researcher should avail enough information to prevent duplication of the research conducted by other individuals or readers (Northcentral University, 2010). In conclusion, concept papers applying qualitative and or quantitative research approaches adhere to the standards set by NCU. The institution often offers the concept paper template to help Doctoral students improve their skills in writing dissertation. Qualitative and quantitative research designs are similar in outline, but unique in the way they approach the research process. The major difference between qualitative and quantities research approaches is in the treatment of variables and data collection. Qualitative approaches use the participants’ words and feelings to generate conclusions; the research is set in natural settings. However, quantitative research approaches often manipulate numbers and codes in the participants’ unnatural settings to determine researcher’s conclusions. Northcentral University expects Doctoral students to be familiar with the differences and similarities of either qualitative and or quantitative research approaches when writing their final dissertations. .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296 , .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296 .postImageUrl , .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296 , .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296:hover , .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296:visited , .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296:active { border:0!important; } .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296:active , .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296 .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .uf4583012a74ce03669b2e9cb7742f296:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: The Ever Changing Concept of Health Essay References Bryman, A. (2012). Social research methods. 4th Ed. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Northcentral University School of Education. (2010). Best practices for concept paper development. Version 1.0, released Dec, 2010 North Central University. (2013). Ph. D. degree concept paper template. Version: January 2013. Northcentral University. (2010). Best practices for concept paper development. School of Education Resources: Concept Paper Best Practices. Retrieved 28 April, 2014 from Sampson, J. P. Jr. (2012). A guide to quantitative and qualitative dissertation research. Educational Psychology and Learning Systems Faculty Publications. Retrieved 28 April, 2014 from publications/1

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Writing A Quality APA Formatting Sample Essay

Writing A Quality APA Formatting Sample EssaySo, you want to get started with your APA Format Sample Essay? Before you take the plunge and dive into your newest career, here are some tips that will help you make sure that you are writing a workable piece of work before you begin. You have to realize that, unlike a student paper, you will not be able to simply just flip a page and have it done in a snap.At first, the process of APA Formatting will take a little bit of time as you work through a well planned term paper, but over time you will see an increase in quality. Keep in mind that, just like term papers, your work does not come without it's ups and downs, and you will need to learn how to deal with them, so keep working through your assignments and you will eventually master the craft.What you are looking for is a style that can help you accomplish your desired goals, whether it is writing for your APA Formatting Sample Essay or the current term paper. Remember, the basics are a ll that you will need, so don't get caught up in the details.Beginning writers tend to focus on one section at a time, such as writing a first paragraph, a main body of text, and then, more detail later. This is the wrong way to write for APA Formatting. Instead, you should break your work up into two separate sections and then break up the sections even further into sections. For example, when writing an APA Formatting Sample Essay, you should split it up into three sections, each about 10-25 pages long.The first section will usually be an introduction. You should then go on to introduce your other sections, such as statistics, a research summary, and then a conclusion. The conclusion section, which will generally be the last section, should contain your ideas and conclusions. Use your example sentences and main body. It is important to remember that, when you work on APA Formatting, you will be putting words in the right places, and if you do not do this, your work is going to be significantly less polished. The goal is to communicate in a clear, concise manner, so if you don't do this, you may end up with a better idea, but with a bland, unprofessional feel. So, instead of getting caught up in detailed worksheets and their accompanying bubbles, you should keep your attention on these areas.So, if you are new to APA Formatting, start by writing the introduction. Make sure to put emphasis on the first ten words, and then your body, statistics, and research summary, and then go on to your conclusion.

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Where Were You November 22, 1963 Any And Every American Old Enough To

Where were you November 22, 1963? Any and every American old enough to mourn, to feel sorrow remember where they were and what they were doing when they received the news that President John F. Kennedy had been murdered. My mother was only three and she remembers the day. She was in the living room of her childhood home when a weeping neighbor called my Grandmother and broke the news. The telephone call was the beginning of a chain reaction that sent the entire house into uncontrollable sobbing. The event had that effect on the entire nation. Men and women, Democrats and Republicans, adults and children mourned the loss of their fallen leader. President Johnson, the Warren Commission, and every fascinated watcher-on in the world would closely scrutinize that day and the following events. The facts of the day are still hotly contested even now. Politicians have made their careers on the case. Conspiracy theorists have had a field day writing books, accusing anyone and everyone of planing the assassination. This paper's purpose is to inform you on the known facts of the event, including the reason for President Kennedy's visit, the parade through down-town Dallas, and the emergency trip to the hospital. The Warren Commission's report to the President will be summarized and many conspiracy theories will be established. President and Mrs. Kennedy arrived in Dallas at 11:40AM CST on Friday, November 22, 1963. The couple had been in San Antonio, the first leg of a two day trip through the state, where they met with Vice-president Johnson and Texas Governor Connally. The Texas trip was planned in hopes of reviving the President's popularity in Texas after it was hurt during the election of 1960. Until midmorning, cloudy skies had threatened to cancel the motorcade-style parade that was planned for the day. The motorcade would travel from Love Field, where the President's plane had landed, through Dallas on a previously publicized route to the Trade Mart where a luncheon in honor of the President had been planned, (The Warren Commission, pg. 2). The motorcade consisted of the president's car, followed by a car designate the "Presidential follow-up" which carried secret service members. Behind that was another open roofed car carrying Vice-president Lyndon Johnson and Texas Governor Connally and their wi ves. Following the vice-president's car was another follow-up car and several cars and buses with dignitaries and press representatives. The motorcade followed its designated route, first passing through a residential area of Dallas, and then making its way through the middle of the downtown area. The parade traveled west on Main Street and then made a right on Houston. The motorcade went one block and then made a left-turn on Elm. On the corner of Elm and Houston was the large, ominous Texas School Book Depository, where the fatal shots were later accused of being fired from. When the President's car turned west on Elm and crossed the Depository, three shots were fired at the motorcade. The President was struck by a bullet that entered at the base of his neck, just right of his spine and exited under the lower left portion of the knot in the President's tie. A second bullet struck Kennedy in the rear base of his head, causing the fatal wound. Texas Governor Connally, riding two cars behind the President, was also hit. The bullet hit the Governor on the extreme right side of his back, just below the armpit. The bullet exited below his left nipple and hit him again on the left wrist. Secret Service Agent Roy Kellerman saw that the President had been hit and instructed the driver to get the President to a hospital immediately. Parlkand Memorial Hospital was the closest hospital, just 4 miles away. Awaiting Doctors met the presidential car and immediately began an attempt to resuscitate the dying President. At 1:00PM, just 30 minutes after the President had been shot, Kennedy's heart had stopped and was pronounced dead. Vice-president Johnson left Parkland Hospital after being notified of the President's death and traveled back to the Presidential Plane at Love Field under close guard. Mrs. Kennedy and the President's body followed and boarded the plane shortly after Johnson. At 2:38PM, with the plane on

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Huáscar and Atahualpa Inca Civil War

Huscar and Atahualpa Inca Civil War From 1527 to 1532, brothers Huscar and Atahualpa fought over the Inca Empire. Their father, Inca Huayna Capac, had allowed each to rule a part of the Empire as regent during his reign: Huscar in Cuzco and Atahualpa in Quito. When Huayna Capac and his heir apparent, Ninan Cuyuchi, died in 1527 (some sources say as early as 1525), Atahualpa and Huscar went to war over who would succeed their father. What neither man knew was that a far greater threat to the Empire was approaching: ruthless Spanish conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro. Background of the Inca Civil War In the Inca Empire, the word Inca meant King, as opposed to words like Aztec which referred to a people or culture. Still, Inca is often used as a general term to refer to the ethnic group who lived in the Andes and residents of the Inca Empire in particular. The Inca Emperors were considered to be divine, directly descended from the Sun. Their warlike culture had spread out from the Lake Titicaca area quickly, conquering one tribe and ethnic group after another to build a mighty Empire that spanned from Chile to southern Colombia and included vast swaths of present-day Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Because the Royal Inca line was supposedly directly descended from the sun, it was unseemly for the Inca Emperors to marry anyone but their own sisters. Numerous concubines, however, were allowed and the royal Incas tended to have many sons. In terms of succession, any son of an Inca Emperor would do: he did not have to be born to an Inca and his sister, nor did he have to be eldest. Often, brutal civil wars would break out upon the death of an Emperor as his sons fought for his throne: this produced much chaos but did result in a long line of strong, fierce, ruthless Inca lords that made the Empire strong and formidable. This is exactly what happened in 1527. With the powerful Huayna Capac gone, Atahualpa and Huscar apparently tried to rule jointly for a time but were unable to do so and hostilities soon broke out. The War of the Brothers Huscar ruled Cuzco, capital of the Inca Empire. He, therefore, commanded the loyalty of most of the people. Atahualpa, however, had the loyalty of the large Inca professional army and three outstanding generals: Chalcuchima, Quisquis, and Rumià ±ahui. The large army had been in the north near Quito subjugating smaller tribes into the Empire when the war broke out. At first, Huscar made an attempt at capturing Quito, but the mighty army under Quisquis pushed him back. Atahualpa sent Chalcuchima and Quisquis after Cuzco and left Rumià ±ahui in Quito. The Caà ±ari people, who inhabited the region of modern-day Cuenca to the south of Quito, allied with Huscar. As Atahualpas forces moved south, they punished the Caà ±ari severely, devastating their lands and massacring many of the people. This act of vengeance would come back to haunt the Inca people later, as the Caà ±ari would ally with conquistador Sebastin de Benalczar when he marched on Quito. In a desperate battle outside of Cuzco, Quisquis routed Huscars forces sometime in 1532 and captured Huscar. Atahualpa, delighted, moved south to take possession of his Empire. Death of Huscar In November of 1532, Atahualpa was in the city of Cajamarca celebrating his victory over Huscar when a group of 170 bedraggled foreigners arrived at the city: Spanish conquistadors under Francisco Pizarro. Atahualpa agreed to meet with the Spanish but his men were ambushed in the Cajamarca town square and Atahualpa was captured. This was the beginning of the end of the Inca Empire: with the Emperor in their power, no one dared attack the Spanish. Atahualpa soon realized that the Spanish wanted gold and silver and arranged for a kingly ransom to be paid. Meanwhile, he was allowed to run his Empire from captivity. One of his first orders was the execution of Huscar, who was butchered by his captors at Andamarca, not far from Cajamarca. He ordered the execution when he was told by the Spanish that they wanted to see Huscar. Fearing that his brother would make some sort of deal with the Spanish, Atahualpa ordered his death. Meanwhile, in Cuzco, Quisquis was executing all of the members of Huscars family and any nobles who had supported him. Death of Atahualpa Atahualpa had promised  to fill a large room half full with gold and twice over with silver  in order to secure his release, and in late 1532, messengers spread out to the far corners of the Empire to  order his subjects to send gold and silver.  As precious works of art poured into  Cajamarca, they were melted down and sent to Spain. In July of 1533, Pizarro and his men began hearing rumors that the mighty army of Rumià ±ahui, still back in Quito, had mobilized and was approaching with the goal of liberating Atahualpa. They panicked and executed Atahualpa on July 26, accusing him of treachery. The rumors later proved to be false: Rumià ±ahui was still in Quito. Legacy of the Civil War There is no doubt that the civil war was one of the most crucial factors of the Spanish conquest of the Andes. The Inca Empire was a mighty one, featuring powerful armies, skilled generals, a strong economy and hard-working population. Had Huayna Capac still been in charge, the Spanish would have had a tough time of it. As it was, the Spanish were able to skillfully use the conflict to their advantage. After the death of Atahualpa, the Spanish were able to claim the title of avengers of ill-fated Huscar and march into Cuzco as liberators. The Empire had been sharply divided during the war, and by allying themselves to Huscars faction the Spanish were able to walk into Cuzco and loot whatever had been left behind after Atahualpas ransom had been paid. General Quisquis eventually saw the danger posed by the Spanish and rebelled, but his revolt was put down. Rumià ±ahui bravely defended the north, fighting the invaders every step of the way, but superior Spanish military technology and tactics, along with allies including the Caà ±ari, doomed the resistance from the start. Even years after their deaths, the Spanish were using the Atahualpa-Huscar civil war to their advantage. After the conquest of the Inca, many people back in Spain began wondering what Atahualpa had done to deserve being kidnapped and murdered by the Spanish, and why Pizarro had invaded Peru in the first place. Fortunately for the Spanish, Huscar had been the elder of the brothers, which allowed the Spanish (who practiced primogeniture) to assert that Atahualpa had usurped his brothers throne and was therefore fair game for Spanish who only wanted to set things right and avenge poor Huscar, who no Spaniard ever met. This smear campaign against Atahualpa was led by pro-conquest Spanish writers such as Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa. The rivalry between Atahualpa and Huscar survives to this day. Ask anyone from Quito about it and theyll tell you that Atahualpa was the legitimate one and Huscar the usurper: they tell the story vice versa in Cuzco. In Peru, in the nineteenth century, they christened a mighty new warship Huscar, whereas in Quito you can take in a  fà ºtbol  game at the national stadium: Estadio Olà ­mpico Atahualpa. Sources Hemming, John.  The Conquest of the Inca  London: Pan Books, 2004 (original 1970).Herring, Hubert.  A History of Latin America From the Beginnings to the Present.  New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1962.

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State capitalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

State capitalism - Essay Example Thus the government itself is acting as a capitalist in such state capitalist systems. Communist countries like China and Russia are examples of countries in which state capitalism prevails. State capitalism is a controversial subject in the world. The declared aim of an elected government is to implement socialism in a society. Both democratic and communist administrations have no second opinion about the necessities of socialism for reducing the gap between the rich and the poor. Income should be distributed equally in a society in order to achieve the objectives of socialism. Communism tries to achieve the socialism objectives by giving more benefits to the working class. They are trying to achieve a wealth balance by taking more wealth from the wealthiest areas and distributing it in the poorest areas. This is logical and easy to understand. However, the governments in capitalist countries are active capitalists and it is difficult to believe that these governments will distribut e their profits to the poor people in order to raise their standards. â€Å"State-capitalism is in itself the total contradiction, absolute antagonism. In it are concentrated all the contradictions of revolution and counter-revolution† (James and Dunayevskaya). This paper analyses how state capitalism is a contradiction. ... He argued that the competitive processes of a capitalist market society will lead towards the accumulation of wealth towards one particular segment. In other words, the global wealth would come in the hands of few people in a capitalist economy. Marx explained capital as money and the services of the workers as a commodity. He argued that a person achieves capital or money at the expense of another person. In other words, he argued that the gain of one person would be the loss of another person. In order to avoid such gains and losses, Marx proposed the intervention of states in capital systems. According to Marx capitalism is the number one enemy of socialism. He argued that the intervention of states is necessary in preventing capitalism. For him the entire resources of a nation belong to the state and it is the duty of the state to distribute this wealth evenly among people. In other words, Marx dreamed about a society in which all the people enjoy equal power, wealth and rights. However, Marx’s beliefs are against the developments of current realities. Marx defined state capitalism as a social system just like other social systems in our community. He argued that in state capitalist countries, the government controls the economy and acts just like a single giant corporation. He also pointed out that capitalism would result in over production ultimately since there is no control over the production activities of capitalists. In European countries capitalism is currently working in three different forms; Market, Managed and State. In these countries, state capitalism means a system in which the state, large firms and labor unions work together to ensure the economic growth of the countries. France and Italy are examples for this modern model of

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Economics of Organisations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Economics of Organisations - Essay Example Victor P. Goldberg (2008, pp. 1071-1084) states that the contract which was entered into between General Motors-Fisher Body (GM/FB) in the year 1919 was lawfully not enforceable. This realistic proof warranted the chronological significance of the institutional understanding of the economics of the firm founded on the minimization of transaction costs (Tirole,1988; Carlton and Perloff, 1994; Williamson, 1985; Ricketts, 1994). In a current publication of the Journal of Law and Economics (2000), law of economics of firm has received new explanations. Profounders like (Klein, 2000; Coase, 2000; Freeland, 2000; Casadesus-Masanell and Spulber, 2000;) have proposed that the leading clarification established on issues of sorting of information and transaction costs is an incorrect one. The explanation with regard to taking into account transaction costs, has failed or even neglected many other important causal factors of vertical integration. But according to Kelin (2000), the foremost hypothesis H0 is "holdup is the main rationale for vertical integration". Klein ( 2000, p 106) states that "the evidence unambiguously demonstrates that while the contract initially worked well, this contract broke down in 1925 when GM's demand for Fisher bodies increased dramatically. Fisher then refused to make the necessary capital investments required to produce bodies efficiently for GM, in particular refusing to build an important body plant close to GM production facility in Flint, Michigan. These contractual difficulties were the primary reason GM decide in 1926 to vertically integrate with Fisher Body" Whereas Coase (2000, p 15) states that Coase, alternatively, supports the idea that H0 is rejected by historical facts. To him, asset specificity is only a possible foundation for vertical integration which is not sufficiently adequate to validate vertical integration. According to him there are three reasons which stimulate arguments. They are: a. GM had only acquired 40% of the shares of FB which it had already owned. b. FB did not locate its plants far away from GM. c. Fisher Brothers did not use any incompetent methods of production. Thus it can be said that there was no holdup and thus the H0 was rejected by Coase and he suggested an alternative H1 which is: ""Asset specificity (with or without hold up) is normally handled satisfactorily with long term contracts without requiring vertical integration". According to Freeland (2000, p 35) vertical integration was "caused primarily by the desire to acquire and retain the specialized knowledge and services of the Fisher brothers". Thus Freeland also declines H0 and places more emphasis on human assets. He states that "Access to specialized human capabilities favours vertical integration which may, in turn, produce holdup situations". The H0 was also rejected by Casadesus-Masanell and Spulber (2000, 68). Conclusion: Alternatively, in more current combinings between economics of the firm and business history as in the case General Motor/Fisher Body, the previous difference still applies. Reference: 1. Crocker and Masten, 1996, "Regulation and administered contracts revisited: lessons from transaction-costs economics for public utility regulation", Journal of Regulatory Economics, 9, 5-36. 2. Carlton and Perloff, 1994, Modern

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The Music Of World War Two Music Essay

The Music Of World War Two Music Essay From Wilhelm Richard Wagner to Irving Berlin, the music of World War II was used on both sides of the conflict to gain support at home and give a feeling of patriotism and boost morale. Interestingly, it was also used as a vehicle to express a vision of government, to attract the enemy troops to propaganda, and encourage the home troops as well. Looking at the music of this time provides insight into the attitudes and cultural tone of the political leaders to all different levels of society Adolf was a fanatical admirer of Wagner since his teens. His passion for Wagner knew no bounds and a performance was almost like a religious experience to the young Adolph. Adolph was carried away by Wagners powerful musical dramas, the evocation of a heroic, sublimely and distant mystical Germanic past. Adolphs first and favorite Wagner opera was Lohengrin, which is the saga of a knight of the grail, the epitome of the Teutonic hero, who was sent from the castle of Monsalvat by his father Parzival to rescue Elsa who had been wrongly condemned, but ended up betraying her. Adolphs philosophy was built upon the works of Wagner which can be seen in his statement These criminals who wanted do away with me have no idea what would happen to the German people, they dont know the plans of our enemies, who want to annihilate Germany so that it never can rise again. If they think that the western powers are strong enough without Germany to hold Bolshevism in check, they are deceiving themselvesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ I am the only one who knows the danger, and the only one who can prevent it. The author Ian Kershaw sums up Adolphs statement Such sentiments were redolent, through a distorting mirror, of the Wagnerian redeemer-figure, a hero who alone could save the holders of the Grail, indeed the world itself from disaster a latter-day Parsifal. (page 851). German Songs Due to Hitlers fascinating with Wagner and especially the Germanic culture that Wagner promoted, the Nazis took a strong interest in promoting the music and culture of their remote ancestors through the use of radio and at the same time promote their propaganda. As with most dictatorial governments the Nazis had an obsession with controlling and promoting the culture of the people and as a result the common peoples taste in music was kept secret but many Germans were able to use their radios to listen to Jazz which was hated by Hitler but loved by the world. Soldiers in the German army were expected to learn a repertoire of marching songs and traditional songs that they could perform on demand. (Les Cleveland page 8) One of the most popular songs of World War Two was Lili Marlene which was popular with both the German and British forces. Based on the German poem Das Mà ¤dchen unter der Laterne which was set to music in 1938. The song was recorded in both German and English versions. Due to the popularity of the song it was used throughout the war not only as a popular song, but a propaganda tool. The best understanding of German Music from World War Two has to come from official Nazi government policy. Regrettably as the losers in the war Nazi Songs and German Music from this time period has not been assigned the high heroic status has have British and American popular music of this time period. British Songs 1. I Havent Seen Old Hitler A song from the closing period of the war, still alive in the oral tradition. 2.  The D-Day Dodgers It was widely believed that Lady Astor, MP, had referred to troops in Itaiy as D-Day dodgers because they missed the 1944 landings in Normandy. In fact, these men had seen some of the ugliest fighting in the war. This song a riposte from the front became a forces favourite. The original appears to have been written by Lance-Sergeant Harry Pynn of the Tank Rescue Section, 19 Army Fire Brigade, but the lyrics underwent many variations. This version was collected by Denis Healey when a sapper with the 8th Army in Italy. 3.  Ode to a Gezira Lovely Gezira, an island in the Nile, possessed a sports club much frequented by Allied officers in North Africa. A version of this ode appears in an Imperial War Museum document, Army Songs, compiled by the Intelligence Corps at 8th Army HQ in Italy, 1944. 4.  Tins The humble petrol tin was adapted for many domestic necessities in wartime. This tribute originated among coastal command squadrons stationed in Iceland from 1941. From Ward-Jacksons Airmans Song Book. 5.  The Ballad of Wadi Maktilla A song collected in 1940 by Hamish Henderson, an intelligence officer who served with the 51st Highland Division. The song commemorates a somewhat abortive raid by the 2nd Camerons on an Italian outpost about 12 miles east of Sidi Barrani. From Roy Palmer. 6.  The Dying Soldier A stark narrative set at Kohima on the Indo-Burmese border, to the tune of the Red River Valley. From Roy Palmer. 7.   Service Police Song A parody sung to the tune of Offenbachs Gendarmes Duet. Written for an RAF station concert party. From Ward-Jackson. 8.  Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant-Major A hit song written in 1939 by Art Noel and Don Pelosi. Though a product of Tin Pan Alley, it displays a subversive humour that places it firmly in the low concert tradition. Note the comb-and-toilet paper chorus. 9.  Thanks for the Memory Wartime parody from the collection of Roy Palmer. The 1937 hit, written by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger, was much adapted in World War Two. WAAF officers on a Gas Course in 1941 sang of the respirator drill, which shook but did not kill Pathetic it was. 10.  Come on Chaps One of many similar ribaldries current in World War Two. All shared the same formula: the rhyme calls for an obscenity which is never in fact voiced. (Army Songs) 11.  The Firth of Forth A song marvellously browned off in mood, which was sung with many variants by RAF squadrons in World War Two. The targets in the last verse are the Ops Room twots personnel in Operations Room, Headquarters. 12.   Down the Mine A deeply affecting song written by Arthur Smith of Leven, Fife, who was one of many British POWs held by the Japanese at Kinkaseki, Formosa (now Taiwan). Inmates were made to work in a copper mine. The bunsho dono was the camp commander; a chunkle was a pick. From Roy Palmer. 13.  The Sailors Wife World War Two version of a popular Royal Navy song which is 19th-century or earlier in origin. 14.  Longmoor One of many wartime parodies of The Mountains of Mourne. Longmoor Camp is in Hampshire; a similar song targeted Carlisle. 15. I Dont Want to Join the Army (medley) The song a soldiers favourite in both world wars leads into a medley of barrack-room verses. Fred Karno was a comedian noted for his ineptitude; the RSC was the Royal Service Corps. The lyric Ive Been in the Saddle, originally sung by the cavalry regiments, was also relished by WW2 infantrymen. This track is not for the fainthearted. 16.   Bloody Orkney Crushing boredom in an out-of-the-way garrison town. The original, about Orkney, was written by Captain Hamish Blair but many variants were devised. Denis Healey knew it as Sheffield in the Blitz. Airmen sang of Bloody Shrimpton-Bassett. 17.  We Are the Boys Collected by Dave Townsend from the singing of Ron East of Weston-on-the-Green in Oxfordshire. 18.   Africa Star A soldierly disrespect for campaign medals is exhibited in this song which, like the D-Day Dodgers, takes a sideswipe at Lady Astor. From Roy Palmer. 19.  The Sinking of the Graf Spee Song celebrating the sinking of a German pocket battleship by three British cruisers in December 1939. Roy Palmer recalls a Dick Bamber of Tandragee, who remembered singing this song in pubs during the war and not having to buy a drink because of it. 20.  My Bomber Lies over the Ocean A pretty little bomber song sung by 175 and other squadrons from 1942 (Ward-Jackson). 21.  When this Bloody War is Over A World War One song still widespread in World War Two. The hymn tune is What a Friend We Have in Jesus. 22.  The Gay Caballero A bawdy tale very popular with wartime sevicemen. Versions appear in Roy Palmer and in Army Songs. 23.  Onward 15 Army Group Morale in Italy declined late in the war as fighting dragged on and, one after another, Allied commanders left for other theatres. General Mark Clark was an American who took charge of 15 Army Group. This piece, collected by Denis Healey, is also found in Army Songs. 24.The Highland Divisions Farewell to Sicily A composition by Hamish Henderson one of the finest songs of World War Two. The dialect does not obscure its mood of haunting regret for the puir bliddy bastards, weary of war, who rest at the waterside. The tune is Farewell to the Creeks, a Gordon pipe march. 25. Bless em All This song was current in the forces long before 1940 when Jimmy Hughes and Frank Lake copyrighted an arrangement of it. Bless em All was the title of their wartime hit. Servicemen used a different verb so do we. American Songs During the war, many people in the US and Great Britain found an escape by listening to the radio. Hit songs were a nice form of catharsis for the public; the lyrics were often about situations the average person could relate to, and it helped the listeners to feel that they were not alone. So, naturally, songwriters wanted to provide music that would be uplifting, encouraging, and of course, patriotic. American Songs Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive Composer: Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen  ©1944 The music was written by Harold Arlen and the lyrics by Johnny Mercer, and it was published in 1944. It is sung in the style of a sermon, and explains that accentuating the positive is key to happiness. In describing his inspiration for the lyric, Mercer told the Pop Chronicles radio documentary I went to hear Father Divine and he had a sermon and his subject was you got to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. And I said Wow, thats a colorful phrase!'[1]HYPERLINK #cite_note-1[2] Be Careful, Its My Heart Composer: Irving Berlin From: Movie Holiday Inn  ©1942 The Anniversary Waltz Composer: Al Dubin and Dave Franklin  ©1941 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Composer: Don Raye and Hughie Prince  ©1940 The song was written by Don Raye and Hughie Prince, and was recorded at Deccas Hollywood studios on January 2, 1941, nearly a year before the United States entered World War II but after the start of a peacetime draft to expand the armed forces in anticipation of American involvement. The flipside was Bounce Me Brother With a Solid Four. The Andrews Sisters introduced the song in the 1941 Abbott and Costello film Buck Privates, which was in production when they made the record. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song. It is closely based on an earlier Raye-Prince hit, Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar, which is about a virtuoso boogie-woogie piano player. Storyline of the song According to the lyrics of the song, a renowned Illinois street musician is drafted into the U.S. Army during the Wartime Draft imposed by the Roosevelt Administration. In addition to being famous, the bugler was the top man at his craft, but the Army had little use for his talents and he was reduced to blowing the wake up call (Reveille) in the morning. This caused the musician to become dejected: It really brought him down, because he couldnt jam. The commanding officer took note of the blues mans blues and went out and conscripted more musicians to assemble a band to keep the bugler company. Thereafter, the bugler found his stride, infusing the military marches with his inimitable street flair: He blows it eight to the bar in boogie rhythm. Even his morning calls attain some additional flavor: And now the company jumps when he plays reveille. But, the bugler is not only empowered, he is possibly spoiled, because thereafter, He cant blow a note if the bass and guitar/Isnt with him . Do Nothin Till You Hear From Me Composer: Bob Russell and Duke Ellington  ©1943 Dont Get Around Much Anymore Composer: Bob Russell and Duke Ellington  ©1942 Dont Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me) Composer: Lew Brown, Sam. H. Stept, and Charlie Tobias  ©1942 Evry Time We Say Goodbye Composer: Cole Porter From: Musical Seven Lively Arts  ©1944 Have I Stayed Away Too Long Composer: Frank Loesser  ©1943 The Fleets In Composer: Johnny Mercer and Victor Schertzinger From: Movie The Fleets In  ©1942 I Came Here To Talk For Joe Composer: Lew Brown, Charlie Tobias, and Sam Stept  ©1942 I Dont Want To Set The World On Fire Composer: Sol Marcus, Bennie Benjamin, and Eddie Seiler  ©1941 I Dont Want To Walk Without You Composer: Frank Loesser and Jule Styne From: Movie Sweater Girl  ©1941 Ill Be Seeing You Composer: Irving Kahal and Sammy Fain From: Musical Right This Way  ©1938 Ill Be Home For Christmas Composer: Kim Gannon and Walter Kent  ©1943 Ill Get By (As Long As I Have You) Composer: Roy Turk and Fred A. Ahlert  ©1928 Ill Never Smile Again Composer: Ruth Lowe  ©1939 Ill Walk Alone Composer: Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne From: Movie Follow The Boys  ©1944 Im Beginning To See The Light Composer: Don George, Johnny Hodges, Duke Ellington, and Harry James  ©1944 In The Blue Of Evening Composer: Tom Adair and DArtega  ©1942 Is You Is, Or Is You Aint (Ma Baby) Composer: Billy Austin and Louis Jordan From: Movie Follow The Boys  ©1943 Juke Box Saturday Night Composer: Al Stillman and Paul McGrane  ©1942 Its Been A Long, Long Time Composer: Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne  ©1945 Kiss The Boys Goodbye Composer: Frank Loesser and Victor Schertzinger From: Movie Kiss The Boys Goodbye  ©1941 The Last Time I Saw Paris Composer: Oscar Hammerstein II and Jerome Kern From: Movie Lady, Be Good  ©1940 Long Ago (And Far Away) Composer: Ira Gershwin and Jerome Kern From: Musical Cover Girl  ©1944 Love Letters Composer: Edward Heyman and Victor Young From: Movie Love Letters  ©1945 Moonlight Becomes You Composer: Johnny Burke and James Van Heusen From: Movie Road To Morocco  ©1942 Moonlight In Vermont Composer: John Blackburn and Karl Suessdorf  ©1944 My Shining Hour Composer: Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen From: Movie The Skys The Limit  ©1943 A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square Composer: Eric Maschwitz and Manning Sherwin  ©1940 One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) Composer: Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen From: Movie The Skys The Limit  ©1943 Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition! Composer: Frank Loesser  ©1942 Saturday Night Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week Composer: Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne  ©1944 Seems Like Old Times Composer: John Jacob Loeb and Carmen Lombardo  ©1946 Sentimental Journey Composer: Bud Green, Les Brown, and Ben Homer  ©1944 Somebody Else Is Taking My Place Composer: Dick Howard, Bob Ellsworth, and Russ Morgan  ©1937 Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year Composer: Frank Loesser From: Movie Christmas Holiday  ©1943 A String Of Pearls Composer: Eddie DeLange and Jerry Gray  ©1941 That Old Black Magic Composer: Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen From: Movie Star Spangled Rhythm  ©1942 Theres A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere Composer: Paul Roberts and Shelby Darnell  ©1942 Theyre Either Too Young Or Too Old Composer: Frank Loesser and Arthur Schwartz  ©1943 When The Lights Go On Again (All Over The World) Composer: Eddie Seiler, Sol Marcus, and Bennie Benjamin  ©1942 This Is My Country Composer: Don Raye and Al Jacobs  ©1940 What Do You Do In The Infantry Composer: Frank Loesser  ©1943 (Therell Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover Composer: Nat Burton and Walter Kent  ©1941 Why Do They Call A Private A Private? Composer: Frank Loesser and Peter Lind Hayes From: Army Special Services Revue About Face  ©1944 You And I Composer: Meredith Willson  ©1941 Youd Be So Nice To Come Home To Composer: Cole Porter From: Musical Something To Shout About  ©1942 Youll Never Know Composer: Mack Gordon and Harry Warren  ©1943