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ILM Work based assignment Essay - 5982 Words

Work Based Assignment M3.12 M3.26 Contents page Contents page 2 WORK BASED ASSIGNMENT 3 MARK SHEET 5 The value of assessing performance 6 Managing performance 7 Motivating the team to improve performance in the workplace 8 The value of feedback in the workplace 9 Appendices 10 WORK BASED ASSIGNMENT - M3.12 MOTIVATING TO PERFORM IN THE WORKPLACE/ M3.26 MANAGING PERFORMANCE Centre Number Centre Name Candidate Registration No Candidate Name TASK This task is all about motivating the team to perform in the workplace. You should consider: the value of assessing performance; how you could motivate the team to improve performance; and the value of feedback in the workplace. Please use†¦show more content†¦Formal assessments are then followed up and reviewed allowing progress to be evaluated. When formally assessing performance, this is done through annual appraisals, monthly/quarterly goals, audits etc. The outcomes are quantitative results/data which supports conclusions and are easily read. Informal assessments are more casual and are more difficult to measure as they can be through word of mouth, observations, peer and self evaluation and are not recorded and checked. When informally assessing performance we may look more at frequent reactions to how daily tasks are handled or through informal discussions. TheShow MoreRelatedIlm M3.18943 Words   |  4 PagesILM LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA IN LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT ILM/L3DipLM/0308 Introducing the qualification The ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership and Management has been specially designed for first line managers looking to develop a wide range of management and leadership skills suitable for their role. The qualification also develops both understanding and application of leadership skills through the use of action learning. The Diploma consists of six mandatory units ‘Understanding change’, ‘Planning change’Read MoreILM L3 Award Candidate Guide 2014 Essay3011 Words   |  13 Pagesï » ¿ Contents Introduction 3 The ILM 4 Course Outline 5 Objectives 5 Teaching and Learning Methods 5 ILM Qualifications Assessment 6 Work Based Assignments 6 Course Fees 6 Time off for Study 6 Equality of Opportunity 6 Appeals 6 Course Team 7 Roles Responsibilities within the Course Team 7 How to Register 8 Timetable 2014 9 Management Development Opportunities 10 The Programmes 10 Management Development Framework 11 Registration Form 13 Learning Agreement 15 Introduction Rapid changesRead MoreProblem Solving12254 Words   |  50 PagesCongratulations on choosing the ILM Level 3 Award, Certificate or Diploma in First Line Management. This Study Guide is designed to introduce you to the qualification and help you to complete your programme successfully. The ILM Level 3 Award, Certificate and Diploma in First Line Management Congratulations on choosing the ILM Level 3 Award, Certificate or Diploma in First Line Management. This Study Guide is designed to provide you with information about the qualification andRead MoreIntroduction to Leadership4381 Words   |  18 Pages[pic] COURSE HANDBOOK ILM LEVEL 3 AWARD IN FIRST LINE MANAGEMENT ILM LEVEL 3 AWARD IN FIRST LINE MANAGEMENT Welcome to the ILM Level 3 Award in First Line Management. The ILM level 3 Award has been specifically designed to give practicing or aspiring managers a solid foundation in their formal development for this role. Benefits of the ILM Level 3 Award in First Line Management ILM qualifications bring about practical benefits to you and your organisation becauseRead MoreEssay on Managing Own Continuous Professional Development5781 Words   |  24 Pagespersonal and work-related development experiences, aims, objectives and priorities. 2.1 Evaluate prior learning and work-related experience to identify personal strength and weaknesses in self-development. Humans by nature never stop learning; we undertake learning at different stages of our lives and acquire skills and competences in variety of areas. These learning may have been certified (by an academic or educational body) whilst others are not certified learning through work, social andRead MoreBSA 375 Complete Course1474 Words   |  6 Pagesthe successful reliance on the Joint Application Development (JAD) process to identify and gather business requirements? Would JAD work in your company? Explain why or why not.    BSA 375Week 1 Discussion Question 2 Based on Tallon and Scannell’s (2007) article, describe information life cycle management (ILM) and the relationship to the cost of storage.    Based on Mitchell’s (2007) article, explain how Musicland stores were converted to the Trans World Entertainment system in 90 days.    BSARead MoreIlm Level 5 Assignment 1 Essay2325 Words   |  10 Pages [pic] ILM Higher Apprenticeship. Level 5 Understanding the Management role to improve Management performance. Glyn Thomas Introduction. I am undertaking the Institutive of Leadership Management (ILM) Higher Apprenticeship Level 5 as an employee of the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust (WAST). I am substantively employed as a Paramedic working as a sole responder on a rapid response vehicle, however I have just complete a two and a half year secondment in a managerial roleRead MoreUnit 3 Dtlls3462 Words   |  14 Pages CG 7305 DTLLS Unit 3: Enabling Learning Assessment Word Count: 3,117 Introduction As a college based Management Apprenticeship assessor and trainer working within Corporate Development Training nationwide, I use a range of assessment methods. Initially in this assignment, I intend to describe and evaluate two different assessment methods, which I use to assess the progress of my learners. Through the identification of these assessment methods, I will analyse theirRead MoreThe Named Learner3097 Words   |  13 PagesSubmission cover sheet Every assessment submission must be authenticated as the work of the named learner. This is a regulatory requirement, so to support centres we recommended that this cover sheet should accompany every assessment submission- for both assessments being carried out by the centre or through the ILM Assessment service (ILMA). While using this cover sheet is not mandatory learners must, in some way, make the declaration of authenticity using the statement below. Any submission thatRead MoreIlm Level 3 M3.12 Essay examples1546 Words   |  7 PagesILM LEVEL 3 Award in first line management M3.01 Solving Problems and Making Decisions by Donna Sullivan Hull Training 2012 Table of Contents Context of assignment 2 The description of the problem 3 Analysis of the problem 4 Resolution of the problem 5 Implementation and communication of the solution 6 Appendix 7 Background: I work for the City Health Care Partnership within the Primary Care Medical Services, I work for 4 different GP practices as the Data Quality

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